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Thermal insulation has one major function 
– that is, to conserve energy


The control of heat is essential to man’s existence. Control of heat, either external or internal or both, is necessary to assure the proper functioning of processes, proper heat balance and operation of control systems.

Since the performance of an insulation system depends upon the proper matching of material properties to system requirements, we provide our clients with a comprehensive list of commercially viable and available insulation solutions.

Pacific Insulation Limited offers a full range of NZ Standards approved quality materials and expert advice which can be customised for commercial, industrial and residential applications. For more information or to arrange an estimate, call us today!


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The highly skilled and qualified team at Pacific Insulation Ltd is dedicated to providing effective and lasting results every time.  Our insulation solutions are quick to install and won’t break the bank.  We pride ourselves on using only the most effective materials to ensure a job that will last and perform as expected.

Founded in March 1999, Pacific Insulation boasts an impeccable safety record and is here to lend you a helping hand.  We are backed up by our sister company in Brisbane, Australia:  Total Insulation.

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With the rising cost of electricity and gas, insulation is quickly becoming the cost effective solution.


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